Hiring a professional genealogist in Friesland?

algemene vragen over genealogisch onderzoek bij Tresoar
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Hiring a professional genealogist in Friesland?

Bericht door Aaron » woensdag 25 sep 2013 2:18 pm


What are the options for hiring a genealogical researcher in Friesland? Would someone be able to suggest some agencies or individuals?

Specifically, I'm seeking to trace the origins of my surname in C17th IJlst, drawing upon the more obscure records of that era (wills, taxes, notary records, and similar documents). The family were middle-class -- one ancestor (Sikke Doedes Atsma 1682-174x) was a school-master in IJlst, his father-in-law (Hijlke Lieuwes Harrius) was the master surgeon, and his mother's father (Anne Poppes Kroles) was briefly the town's mayor. I suspect there could be more information on the family in the civil records of that era which is where I have need of a researcher.


Edit: Someone has since PM'd me with contact details for a Frisian geneologist. - 2 Oct

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